“IT consulting companies don’t understand our needs.”


About us

We understand. Krosswise - builder of 4th generation IT consulting.

Established in 2022 by Matti Ristimäki and Reaktor Group, Krosswise was founded with the awareness that customers need strong industry domain knowledge and seniority from consultants to succeed in their digitalization journey.

Our mission is to build specialized consulting companies in the demanding and crucial industry sectors, striving to become internationally recognized experts in these selected fields. In the first full financial year of 2023, our companies comprised approximately 30 experts and achieved a total revenue of about 2 million euros.

Our companies

Accelerated growth by the leading founding teams

Krosswise is a group company standing as a dynamic business cluster of the highly specialized IT consulting firms. Vertical companies are co-founded by core team of each company and lead by them.

Krosswise companies share a common DNA, embodying:

  • a harmonious blend of management consulting and IT consulting, ensuring comprehensive support from strategy to IT development.
  • deep specialization in selected industry domains, promising a profound understanding of customer needs.
  • a commitment to end-to-end responsibility, delivering solutions rather than merely offering human resources.

While the primary focus is on the independence of each vertical company, we recognize the potential for growth acceleration through synergies. This includes centralized administrative and competence development programs for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.


61N develops critical information systems for the defense and security sectors. 61N ensures national security is always one step ahead.

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Forge helps industrial companies utilize the power of technology to meet their business goals and industry standards.

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Invinite is currently in incubation, dedicated to pioneering data-driven healthcare digitization. We are in the process of forming our core team.

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Are you interested in co-founding a next-generation IT consulting company in a meaningful industry domain with us?

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Unlock Your Potential: Join Our Team

If you are interested in working in one of our meaningful industry sectors and being part of building something entirely new, reach out to either our vertical businesses or Krosswise. We are continuously looking to hire professionals who, with their unique expertise, contribute to the growth of our team and passionately strive to become international experts.

We have developed a unique model to build winning teams, where members collaborate seamlessly and complement each other's capabilities optimally. At our core, we provide our team members with a compelling value proposition – a platform for personal and professional growth.